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Today, one of the most common problems among both youngsters and older ones is the headache known as Shirashula in Ayurveda. Main reasons are Stress, Anxiety and Tension. The headache itself is not a disease but it is an indication of some major physical/mental disturbances.

Pathological factors of headache

Indigestion/Constipation, Anaemia, Chronis sinusitis, Alteration in vision, Changes in sleep pattern, Tensions of mind, Brain tumors, changes in hormonal levels in women especially during menstrual cycle and Intake of birth control pills, Migraine and so on.

Line of treatment:

Treatment has to be followed after a proper consultation with the Ayurveda physician.

  • Internal Treatment like Intestinal cleansing followed by internal herbal medication
  • External oil treatment like
    • Head Massage – Gives cooling effect on head and proper blood circulation
    • Shirodhara
    • Sneha Nasyam
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