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Rejuvenation therapies is a term of clinical Ayurvedic Specialists, certified massage,therapists, and energy workers who specialize in Panchakarma detoxification and stress reduction programs. Our special interest is supporting people to release energies from their etheric bodies as well as their physical bodies in order to enhance and strengthen spiritual awakening.Rejuvenation Therapies are for the whole body using medicated / Aromatic oils.

Stress causes
  • Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Removes excess fat from skin.
  • Makes the skin glossy and soft.
  • Promotes Sound sleep.
  • Tones up the muscles.
  • Rejuvenates the whole body.
  • Reduces Stress and calms the mind.
  • It offers the perfect way to regain a holistic balance and freedom from the grip of tension.
Suitability of Rejuvenation Therapies for any person or condition
  • Rejuvenation Therapies can be taken after (2-3) hours of food intake.
  • Immediately after exertion, sport etc. it is advisable to wait ½ – 1 hour before taking Rejuvenation Therapies.
  • During menstruation period, Rejuvenation Therapies are not advisable.
  • Rejuvenation Therapies are not recommended in the following conditions viz. High Blood Pressure, Varicose veins, Oedema, fever, infections, cold,contagious skin conditions, severe heart problems.
  • Hot water bath should be taken after Rejuvenation Therapies. For head bath, lukewarm water is preferred.
  • Do not sleep at least for 3 hours immediately after Rejuvenation Therapies. Also avoid sleeping in the daytime after the Rejuvenation Therapies.
  • Consult our Doctor if you have doubts about the suitability of
    Rejuvenation Therapies for any person or condition.

It includes,

  • Full body massage
  • Steam
  • Massage with navara
  • Body polish with navara pack

Full body abhyangam is done with suitable oil followed by steam .A special type of rice called navara is cooked in milk and herbal decoction is packed in small cotton bundles.With this the whole body is massaged and then navara pack is applied all over the body with a duration of 2 hours.

  • Improves circulation
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Eliminates toxins from the body through the pores
  • Makes the skin smoother,softer and rejuvenated

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