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Post Natal care

Post Natal care

Post Natal care

Suthika paricharya

The transformation of a female, from a woman to Mother is the happiest lifetime event, but this happiness is gained only after undergoing tremendous physical exertion during labor; so old people used to term, ’labor‘ as women’s rebirth. The woman becomes extremely debilitated physically and mentally, after the delivery. In addition she now has an extra responsibility of feeding and taking care of her baby, which is possible only if she is fit and strong. It is therefore very important to take utmost care of the newborn mother as well.

Ayurveda term the mother who has delivered ‘Suthika’ and the care given to her is ‘Suthika paricharya’ which means postnatal care. Some physicians say the period of Post partum period lasts from 1 – 1 ½ month after delivery but some claim that its until the period when one restarts with the menstruation. This care is more essential to restore the health and strength.

Suggestions for suthika
  • Internal Ayurveda medication(On proper consultation with the doctor) to cleanse the remnants if any in the uterus post delivery, to pacify aggravated Vata(wind) , to improve digestion, to prevent constipation and weight gain, to treat general weakness, to increase lactation, prevent backache,UTI(Urinary Tract Infection),anxiety etc.,
  • External Oil treatment
    • Body Massage with apt medicated oil (Vatahara oil on proper consultation with the doctor)
    • Treatments for preventing hairfall
  • Rejuvenates and relaxes mother
  • Relieves tension and depression
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Tighten loose stomach muscles
  • Keeps figure and vigour of mother’s
  • Removes postnatal back and join pain
  • Prevents wear and tear of bones

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