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The mind has very powerful influence on our overall health and well-being.
Health is just not mere absence of a disease but the well being of sound mind, body and soul.
Ayurveda considers even minor disturbances in the mind disturb our quality of life. It causes much number of diseases.
According to ayurveda we have channels through which energy moves. One of the primary channel is mind (manovaha srothas).The root of the mind is located in the heart. The pathway of mind is the entire body. The mind affects and is affected by every cell and tissue. Throughout the body and so there is a direct relationship between the mind and our overall health.
Mind influence body and viceversa, so it’s very important to have a balanced state of these two.
Ayurveda says we are what we eat. One third of whatever we eat goes to the body. Thus it becomes very important to have a balanced diet, eat only when hungry, neither eat less nor eat more than what is actually required.
It’s more important to see that one does not have indigestion and also constipation which otherwise become good reason for both diseases of body and mind.
Few strategies for a healthy mind includes Pranayama (Breathing exercise), Yoga and Meditation, Doing activities that is pleasant to mind, Getting spiritual connected

Ayurvedic Treatments for Healthy Mind
  • Abhyangam (Oil application from head to toe)
  • Shirodhara (slow & rythemic flow of medicated oil on Forehead)
  • Head Massage (Gentle massage pressures with medicated oil to stimulate the head and neck area)
Abhyangam Ayurveda Treatments
Ayurveda Treatments
head massage Ayurveda Treatments
Head Massage

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